The International Tefillin Bank provides a pair of Tefillin for a minimum fee to any Jewish male who commits to putting on Tefillin daily. Currently this program is restricted to specific countries; please click here to see where we are currently active.

Successful applicants must be living in the community where they intend to apply (i.e. not just a tourist temporarily in town), and must have a strong referral from a local Chabad shliach or Rabbi who can speak to their commitment.

So, just a few quick questions will help us help you determine your eligibility:

  1. Are you an adult male who is committed to laying Tefillin every weekday? (For bar mitzvah boys, please see below).
  2. Are you looking forward to owning your own pair of Kosher Tefillin?
  3. Do you find the cost of Tefillin unaffordable?

If you've replied "yes" to these questions, click here to fill in your application.

Tefillin for Bar Mitzvah Boys

It is our responsibility to our sponsors to ensure that each applicant's commitment to observing this wonderful Mitzvah has a good chance of remaining long term. As such, we do not distribute Tefillin to Bar Mitzvah boys.